Sports Betting Then Vs. Now | History Of Sports Betting Zambia

The idea of sports betting ส โบ เบ็ ต ไทย came into existence about 2,000 years ago. This was the same time when the Greeks brought in the idea to organize the first Olympics. The greeks had immense love for sports. Each individual had different preferences on their favorite teams and individual players, which created a friendly adversary between people who decided to bet. From the Greek, it eventually spread out to the ancient Romans, who had accepted this and legalized it. In the name of religion and backing up sports integrity, many leaders came forward to stop the whole idea of betting in sports. 

Well, considering the number of years it was practiced, by then, it had become an addiction for the bettors. After these leaders’ abstinence, sports betting had to be grounded, but it was still functioning with more interesting methods. From there, it took no time to reach the English who started betting on Horse racing, which was an immensely popular sport. Slowly it had spread worldwide as new sports came into existence, and a separate market was set up for this kind of gambling. 

In those days, it was a long procedure and very challenging for betting enthusiasts to go to the bookies, place a wager, back to the venue where the event is taking place. Back then, sports betting and other kinds of gamblings were other sources of entertainment for people. But the market wasn’t very huge for obvious reasons. Would you travel to Las Vegas to put a wager? Well, quite difficult, it seems now, but back then, it was nearly impossible. Only the rich and people living close to LA could afford it. 

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Online sports betting 

Enhancement of technology and easy access to the internet has made almost everything too easy for us. Due to these facts, sports betting has become easy. You can place a wager anywhere, anytime, and receive real money instantly. No more bookies, no more visiting the events to know the result of the game. All you have to do is pick up your phone and place a wager on any of the online betting apps and enjoy the game on television from the comfort of your home. 

Revenue generated worldwide and future estimate numbers.

Reports have shown that the sports betting market is estimated to grow and reach $156 billion by 2024. The figure currently stands and will maintain a growth rate of 8.83% from 2018-2024. These numbers are mindboggling. The same reports confirm that around 70% of worldwide gambling revenue is collected by sports betting itself. Quite true, more than half of the gambling market is dependant upon this one sector. 

Well, in actuality, the market is much bigger than these estimated figures. Why do I say so? The government of many countries with a large population has imposed a ban on this activity. It’s not like sports gambling does not take place at all or is largely restricted, but yes, to some extent, it’s less than what it could be. 


Sports betting isn’t something that landed in the human realm a few years ago. It is being practiced for centuries, with new methods and variations introduced. The one common thing that hasn’t changed since then is the ROI. Sports betting is also known for changing people’s lives as it gives you a chance to earn huge amounts of real money. The bottom line is you can push your luck and try betting on sports; chances are you will become a millionaire by doing absolutely nothing.  


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